Volcano and type of Volcano

The natural hole or crack on the volcano crust, through which the earth's lean meat, ashes, steam, and hot gas emit, the lava flown out in the air quickly cools down and turns into small pieces called cedar

Type of Volcano

Volcanic  three types
1    active volcano
2    Suspected volcano-
3    Cool volcano

Active volcano 

In this type of volcano, there are frequent exclamations in which the fetal lava, gas and fluid are released continuously. Such volcano lava, ash m hot gas keeps out at a faster pace.
Like Italy's Itna and Strumpoli. Stamboli is situated on the island of Lepari in the north of Sisli, it always gets the ignited gas, hence it is called the Mediterranean column of the Mediterranean Sea.

Suspected volcano

There was no exaggeration in this, but it could be exaggerated. Vishuya (Mediterranean Sea) Krakatova (Sunda Strait) Fujiyama (Japan) Mayana (Philippines)

Cool volcano

This type of volcano is not continuous, it remains calm for a certain time and suddenly it starts with hot lava, hot gas, suddenly coming out of the earth. Examples of such volcanoes which have not been exaggerated in the past but are not likely to be eclipsed are: Koh Sultan and Devvald (Iran), Pope (Myanmar), Kilimanjaro (Africa), Chimbarajo (South Africa)

Atomic structure and Electron Proton Neutron

According to John Dalton, in 1803, the atom principle was interpreted, according to which atom is indivisible but according to modern discoveries, it is known that the atom is divisible and is composed of several small atoms.

Components of atom

1 is the fundamental particle of electronic proton and neutron atom
2 A central nucleus is present in the atmosphere, which is surrounded by debt-entrained electronic


1 This is the underlying root cause of the atom, which Thomas had invented. 2 move around the nucleus, its mass  kg
3 Therefore, the mass of the electron is considered to be almost zero, on this there is an entity loan charge i.e. its interest is  
4 Who is its protogenic positron


1 was discovered by Gold Goldstein
2 This positive is charged
3 Its charge is      slave and mass is  kg
4 It is present in the nucleus, its mass is 1836 times the mass of the electron
     The relative mass of the proton
 5 is approximately equal to the hydrogen atom mass and the unit is the charge of the charge.


1 was discovered by Chadwick
2 Its charge is zero and mass  kg or 1.00872u
3 It is located inside the nucleus, it has its antineutrinos.
4 Its mass is almost equal to the mass of the proton but there is no charge on it
5 Only Hydrogen-1 is a permanent name in which neutrons are not
6 electrons are bound by electrochemical balm in the nucleus
7 The number of electrons and proteins is similar to the nucleus at which the atom is neutral if the number of electrons is less than the number of protons and the amount of charge on the atom and the amount of electrons is more than the protons, the charge of the charge is that the atom is converted into ions.
8 According to Lewis de Braglie, all particles behave like wave

Scalar , vector and type of vector

Physical quantities are of two types vector and scalar
  Scalar zodiac -
 Some physical ratios are such that only results. They do not have any direction, for example mass, distance, time, move, volume, density, pressure, work, energy power, charge, validity stream, potential, heat, special heat, and frequency. Such amounts are called scalar
Any scalar quantity can be fully expressed by only one number and one quantity, for example the star's mass is 200 kg
Vector Zodiac - 
There is some physical amount of which along with the result there is also a tale which follows the vector rules (the triangle method of yoga and the method of parallelogram), for example position, displacement, velocity, acceleration, force, weight , Momentum, impulse, discrete area, magnetic force area, density of current, etc. Such amounts are called vector zodiac signs.
To fully express any vector sum, it is necessary to mention the direction along with the result of the amount. If we are to tell a person the position of our college, that our college is 2 kilometers from the station, then our point will be incomplete and that person will not be able to reach college. If we say that our college is about 2 kilometers north of the station then it will understand the position of the college. This condition is a vector sum.
Formation of vector quantities -
 Any vector of a vector is given by an arrow in Assigned. This arrow is called vector, the length of the arrow, the result of that amount, and the arrow's arrow displays the direction of that amount.

Suppose a car is being driven from the speed of 10 meters / second to the east, and second, the velocity of the velocity given in the picture to the velocity is being run in the direction of north-east with the speed of 20 meters / second. To denote the vector we were assumed that 1 cm length, 5 meters / second represents the velocity, the vector of the tax is of 2 cm length and the tip is towards the east. The car vector is 4 cm long and its people towards the north east

Some definitions of vector


The same vector -

 If a vector depicts a vector, then it is not affected by the parallel displacement. So all the same vectors whose length and result are the same in the direction of the direction, called normal vectors

opposite vector -

 The opposite vector is two parallel vectors whose result is equal but the directions are called the opposite vector


 acronym vector -

The vector whose result is one is called acronym vector                       


If there is a vector, which is the result of the angle vector whose direction is in the direction of the work sector, one is written in the same direction
  Thus the angle vector in the angle vector is written as the multiplication of the vector of the vector of the vector to any vector

Symbolic integral vector -

 The lymphatic axis, X axis, Y axis, Z axis integral integer vector are written as i, j, k, respectively

Zero vector - 

The vector whose result is zero is called zero vector, it writes from the zoe, the initial and final point of the zero vector is coincidental, its direction is uncertain

Properties of Zero Vector-

 1  The permit vector A ⃗ plus the sum of the zero vector is equal to the sum of the permit vector

2  Multiplication of zero vector permit number is equal to zero vector

3  Permit vector is equal to zero by zero the vector

Math Simplification root number Short

Today, we will solve some of the important questions of the process through simplification. The questions of the tax (+ and -) happen when the questions in the questions range from 1 to the end, then the use of the formulas of the tax to solve the problems of the tax. Will solve all the questions while doing

 The function ( additional and subtract )

After writing the question first, the value of the value is equal to x, and then we divide both sides. After class, remove the value of x, the value of x is the value of the value of the infinity, thus the queue starts solving

Consider the equality of the whole work of both sides, which holds the value of the value of the value of the value of x which becomes a new question of our linear equation, and according to the linear equation it is possible to find the value of the law by extracting the value of x Is there.

Do today's first question

     ,     On the square of both sides

If our question is in (+ and -), then we put it according to linear equation, if it is in multiplication, then solve it with another formula as follows

Multiplication '' with root number''

If our work is to a certain number in addition to the number of folds, then first write that number, and write the 2 - 1 of the power above that number and the number of times the number of the curve takes up the number of the ferries Then solved by solving

The work which is multiplied with infinity

The work is in our infinite, then whatever is given in the number in the act, that is the value of that act

its Answer is   5

Block counting

Such a three-dimensional shape whose length is equal to width and height, the shape is called cubic , such as ludo dice

Surface or Plane -

There is 6 surface in a sister or a cuboid which shows three surfaces and three does not appear

click here see video

Top (angle)

There are 8 corners in any cube or rectangle in which seven appear and one who does not appear


In any cube or cuboid there are 12 edges in which 9 appear and three are not visible, which are hidden

Identifying the cubic or cuboid after cutting it

After cutting a small dense material into a dense lot, the dense on the different parts of it is identified as following.

Top cube 

Such cube is located at the top of each head, for each cube, its number is always 8, because someone's cube has 8 corners

Middle cube 

 Such cube is located in the right middle of each edge

Central cube

such a cube-such cube is located on the center cube of each surface

Inner central cube 

 Such cube-such cube is located on the right center of each surface from the cube
It does not appear blossom, it is called the nucleus cube

The small cube of the big cube will be the number of total small cubes obtained to split

The small cube of the big cube will be the number of total small cubes obtained to split
Where, one side of the big cube \ small arm of a cube

Top cube number  =   8

Number of mid cube = 12( n-2)

Number of Centers  =

Number of intermediates

Simplification short trick

Today's  is the  of competition, according to the era of today, all young people prepare for government jobs because of the high competition in government job today we have to adopt the shortcut method so that we can pass any exam easily. | For which we adopt a lot of methods, one of which we are going to tell today

Number system simplification In this we will show the easiest way to add mixed fractions and add numbers (5 ̅) times on the point

To add numbers we first suppose the number of friends

1 as often after doing common
The number is taken in the common number of times as    many times as we multiply by the number of times we do
2 If we have a number of times after that, we all add up
3 If everyone is equal then everybody a number of
4 Add  degrees

Remove the simplest value of numbers again
And that's our right answer


When we combine the number of times (5 ̅), we see how many times the number of times the times are written

  After always writing out the 9 in the sentence, let's see if everybody is equal, then by adding one digit to each point in a normal manner, and adding the simplest thing is to add
  That is our answer

figur count

Figure counting is a part of Non Verbal Reasoning, we will use easy method to solve figure counting.

So first of all, we teach about square counting. The class first asks for the column and cry of the square in the counting

After this, we do cry and column with the following formula.

( r x c ) x ( r – 1 ) x ( c – 1 ) + (  r – 2 ) x ( c – 2 )………0

Count of rectangle and quadrilaterals

For counting rectangles and quadrilateral shapes, we will use a second formula, which is how we calculate rows and columns
First thing in the first formula

[( r ) + (r -1 ) + ( r-2) +(r-3) …..0] x [ ( c ) +(c-1)+(c-2)+(c-3)…..0]

This formula is used only for that rectangle and quadrilateral, whose shape is made of columns and birds, the quadrilateral divides into equal parts

Count of triangle

In the count of triangles, we start the first one and work the triangle equally, after which the cart number is added, this is the number of asking

Watch the video

Count of shells

We do not have any type of formula for counting of the balls, we normally do one by one, from small to large, which is stated in the video.

Watch the video

Fine unit number // इकाई का अंक ज्ञात करना

To know the unit's points, the first ones were given the equation, and then after inspecting, start sorting, to find the number of the unit, the number of mathematics is taken from the system.

Finding unit number in normal product

In order to know the unit number in the normal product, solve the process given below.
Unit of each term in the number take the number
If you get ten points in the product again, leaving it, then issue the number of the unit and multiply it further.
for example

for example

  Unit number

96 Unit number is 6

Finding unit number in exponential number

If the number of unit number 0 ,1 is 5 ,6

If the unit's number is 0,1, 5, 6, then its unit's number is the same
for example

 unit number is 0

If the unit number is 3

If the number of the unit is 3, then according to the solution

 Answer is , 9

If the unit number is 9

If the unit has a score of 9, then if the power is equal to the unit's numeral 1 and 9 if it is odd
for example

The number of the unit is 214 as the odd number so the unit's number is 9

If the unit number is 7

If the number of the unit is 3,  then according to the solution