Scalar , vector and type of vector

According to John Dalton, in 1803, the atom principle was interpreted, according to which atom is indivisible but according to modern discoveries, it is known that the atom is divisible and is composed of several small atoms.

Components of atom

1 is the fundamental particle of electronic proton and neutron atom
2 A central nucleus is present in the atmosphere, which is surrounded by debt-entrained electronic
Scalar , vector and type of vector


1 This is the underlying root cause of the atom, which Thomas had invented. 2 move around the nucleus, it's mass  kg
3 Therefore, the mass of the electron is considered to be almost zero, on this, there is an entity loan charge i.e. its interest is  
4 Who is its protogenic positron


1 was discovered by Gold Goldstein
2 This positive is charged
3 Its charge is      slave and mass is  kg
4 It is present in the nucleus, its mass is 1836 times the mass of the electron
     The relative mass of the proton
 5 is approximately equal to the hydrogen atom mass and the unit is the charge of the charge.


1 was discovered by Chadwick
2 Its charge is zero and mass  kg or 1.00872u
3 It is located inside the nucleus, it has its antineutrinos.
4 Its mass is almost equal to the mass of the proton but there is no charge on it
5 Only Hydrogen-1 is a permanent name in which neutrons are not
6 electrons are bound by electrochemical balm in the nucleus
7 The number of electrons and proteins is similar to the nucleus at which the atom is neutral if the number of electrons is less than the number of protons and the amount of charge on the atom and the amount of electrons is more than the protons, the charge of the charge is that the atom is converted into ions.
8 According to Lewis de Broglie, all particles behave like a wave

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