figur count

Figure counting is a part of Non-Verbal Reasoning, we will use an easy method to solve figure counting.

So first of all, we teach about square counting. The class first asks for the column and cry of the square in the counting

After this, we do cry and column with the following formula.

( r x c ) x ( r – 1 ) x ( c – 1 ) + (  r – 2 ) x ( c – 2 )………0

Count of rectangle and quadrilaterals

For counting rectangles and quadrilateral shapes, we will use a second formula, which is how we calculate rows and columns
First thing in the first formula

[( r ) + (r -1 ) + ( r-2) +(r-3) …..0] x [ ( c ) +(c-1)+(c-2)+(c-3)…..0]

This formula is used only for that rectangle and quadrilateral, whose shape is made of columns and birds, the quadrilateral divides into equal parts

Count of triangle

In the count of triangles, we start the first one and work the triangle equally, after which the cart number is added, this is the number of asking

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Count of shells

We do not have any type of formula for counting of the balls, we normally do one by one, from small to large, which is stated in the video.

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