Math Simplification root number Short

Math Simplification root number Short for root formula

Today, we will solve some of the important questions of the process through simplification. The questions of the tax (+ and -) happen when the questions in the questions range from 1 to the end, then the use of the formulas of the tax to solve the problems of the tax. Will solve all the questions while doing

 The function ( additional and subtract )

After writing the question first, the value of the value is equal to x, and then we divide both sides. After class, remove the value of x, the value of x is the value of the infinity, thus the queue starts solving

Consider the equality of the whole work of both sides, which holds the value of x which becomes a new question of our linear equation, and according to the linear equation it is possible to find the value of the law by extracting the value of x Is there.

So today's first question

     ,     On the square of both sides

If our question is in (+ and -), then we put it according to a linear equation, if it is in multiplication, then solve it with another formula as follows

Multiplication '' with root number''

If our work is to a certain number in addition to the number of folds, then first write that number, and write the 2 - 1 of the power above that number and the number of times the number of the curve takes up the number of the ferries Then solved by solving

The work which is multiplied with infinity

The work is in our infinite, then whatever is given in the number in the act, that is the value of that act

its Answer is   5

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