Simplification short trick

Today's  is the  of competition, according to the era of today, all young people prepare for government jobs because of the high competition in government job today we have to adopt the shortcut method so that we can pass any exam easily. | For which we adopt a lot of methods, one of which we are going to tell today

Number system simplification In this we will show the easiest way to add mixed fractions and add numbers (5 ̅) times on the point

To add numbers we first suppose the number of friends

1 as often after doing common
The number is taken in the common number of times as    many times as we multiply by the number of times we do
2 If we have a number of times after that, we all add up
3 If everyone is equal then everybody a number of
4 Add  degrees

Remove the simplest value of numbers again
And that's our right answer


When we combine the number of times (5 ̅), we see how many times the number of times the times are written

  After always writing out the 9 in the sentence, let's see if everybody is equal, then by adding one digit to each point in a normal manner, and adding the simplest thing is to add
  That is our answer