Volcano and type of Volcano

The natural hole or crack on the volcano crust, through which the earth's lean meat, ashes, steam, and hot gas emit, the lava flew out in the air quickly cools down and turns into small pieces called cedar

Type of Volcano

Volcanic  three types
1    active volcano
2    Suspected volcano-
3    Cool volcano

Volcano and type of Volcano

Active volcano 

In this type of volcano, there are frequent exclamations in which the fetal lava, gas, and fluid are released continuously. Such volcano lava, ash m hot gas keeps out at a faster pace.
Like Italy's Itna and Stromboli. Stamboli is situated on the island of Lipari in the north of Sisli, it always gets the ignited gas, hence it is called the Mediterranean column of the Mediterranean Sea.

Suspected volcano

There was no exaggeration in this, but it could be exaggerated. Vishay (Mediterranean Sea) Krakatova (Sunda Strait) Fujiyama (Japan) Mayana (Philippines)

Cool volcano

This type of volcano is not continuous, it remains calm for a certain time and suddenly it starts with hot lava, hot gas, suddenly coming out of the earth. Examples of such volcanoes which have not been exaggerated in the past but are not likely to be eclipsed are: Koh Sultan and Devvald (Iran), Pope (Myanmar), Kilimanjaro (Africa), Chimbarajo (South Africa)
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