Simple interest calculation short trick

Simple interest

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The basic concept of interest is based on the excess amount borrowed by the borrower in relation to the borrowed amount, in addition to the amount and amount of principal and interest paid on the amount paid to the principal in the fixed period of time. The amount made is known as a compound. Interest in milling is calculated as simple and compound interest, and for a year, both the interest rate and compound interest are equal when the rate of interest is yearly.

Simple interest

When calculating interest only for the time being, the principal is called simple interest.

Finding the Principle on the Rate of simple interest

When the rate of simple interest is different for different years, in such a situation, certain calculations are needed to calculate the principal. Using these sources, saving time in the examination building, along with the Accuracy also It comes

1 -  If the rate of ordinary interest goes from 1% to 2% and in time t is more than m

Principal amount   = 

2 -  If the interest rate r1% for time t1 on any money, then rate r2% for time t2

Simple interest =              

Finding simple interest in N times of principal

When wealth gets N times of N times or N times of interest in time, then they experience some difficulty in finding the rate of simple interest because they are N times of themselves and due to the N times of interest, I do not care about it, so its concept is understood as follows

1- If any funding at the rate of simple interest becomes n times in T
      rate of interest         =             

2- If any money at the rate of simple interest becomes n times of interest in time
 rate of interest        =               

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