Capacitor and Use of Capacitors


A capacitor is an adjustment in which the amounts of charge are stored on it without changing the size of the driver. Suppose that a driver is given 5 charges, then its valid capacity becomes V. Then the driver's capacitance


  However, if we reduce the chance of the driver in any way, then more charges can be given to bring it back to the same extent, thus the capacitance of driver c will increase and increase.

Capacitor and Use of Capacitors

16. Use of Capacitors

the capacitor used in various purpose describe the given bellow

(1) To deposit the charge:

 The key function of the capacitor is to collect the charge. If there is a transient but strong current in a circuit, its best solution is to connect the ends of the circuit to the charging capacitor. Pulsed electromagnet, through which transient but intense magnetic fields are produced, receives electrons from the charged capacitors only.

 | (2) Energy depositing:

 Capacitors are not only for charging but also for energy. Enough energy is stored in the electric field-installed between the plates of the charging capacitor. The device that accelerates the electrons is synchocyclodone, a large bank of capacitors in which the energy is stored and the machine keeps taking energy according to its requirement.

 (3) In electrical appliances:

Capacitors have a special place in many electrical appliances. When a stimulus circuit breaks suddenly, instead of breaking often, the spark is often produced. But if a capacitor is felt in the circuit, then the spark does not arise if the circuit induced by the breakdown of the circuit, charging the plateau of the capacitors. The capacitor is applied for the same work in the ignition system of the induction coil and the motor engine. The electric fan also has a valid motor capacitors

 (4) In electronic circuits:

 In almost all electronic circuits, capacitors are used. For example, in reducing the voltage in voltage in the power supply, in the transmission of pulsed signal and in the production and transmission of electromagnetic charge of radio frequency (i.e. transmission and transmission of radio and television programs) with capacitors an important role. _

 _ (5) In the scientific study: 

The use of a capacitor in a scientific study is also less. By using different forms and shape plates in the capacitor, the electrical configuration of different configurations is established between them. In their respective areas, their behavior is studied by placing the absorbed substance.

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