Coulomb's law and Importance of the rule of Coolam:

Coulomb's law

  We have read that two similar types of fees back one another and the opposite type is mutually intruding. Attracted. This shows that a force works between two charges, which are called 'electric force'. the same. Between the allegations, the power force replication - this attraction between force and opposite charges - is the force. Even if electric charges are located in the vacuum, they still have electrical power.

Coulomb's law and Importance of the rule of Coolam:

. In 1785, French scientist Kulm gave a rule in relation to the force employed between two charges on the basis of experiments, which is called the 'rule of kolam'. According to this rule, there are two fixed points - the power of attraction or replication between charges, the sequential ratio of the product of the quantity of two orders, and the sequential ratio of the curvature of the distance class between them. This force adheres to the line involved in those allegations.

Thus if the two-point charge Q1 and Q2 are located at one distance of ' r ', then the force between them


Where K is a serum proportional element whose value depends on the medium between the charges and the amount of charge, distance and force if the force of the force 'Newton' is the number of distance meters and the amounts of charge and take place in the charge and are located in two charges (Nirvati) So the value of K is 9.0 x  by experiment
So the point between the points placed in the vacuum,


In this equation the Q1 = = Q2 = 1 color and absolute R = 1 meter then F = will be Newton.

Hence; 1 Coulom is a charge that replaces itself with the strength of utensils at the distance of 1 meter from its own equally in Nirvana (or air).

If the charge is located in the vacuum, then in the equation for the convenience, the sequential determinant K    is written


 constant     Apesail Zero is called electrification of nirvana.

Comparison with the force of gravity of the electric force:

We can compare the power force working between two charging objects in which the gravitational force is working between them. These two army work according to the rules, and they are active in both of them. But there are some differences between these two too:

(i) Power Force attraction - force can also be done and replica - force also; While gravity - force always attracts force. It shows that the charge can be of two types while the mass is only one type.

 (ii) The electrical force depends on the medium between two charges. Whereas the gravitational force is not dependent on the medium between two people.

 (ii) The force of force from the gravitational force is very strong. For example, between two protons, the electric force is 10 times larger than the force of gravity between them. Between two electrons it is 10 times larger than that.

Importance of the rule of Coolam:

 The law of coolam is true from very great distances to very little distance from an atomic distance (= meters) and atomic distance (= meters). Therefore, this rule is not only knowledge of forces operating between powers but also helps to explain those forces that cause the atom's electrons to bind to their nuclei to make two or two atoms, and with more atomic molecules Talk, and many atoms or molecules interact with each other and make concrete and preto. Most of the forces that experience in our daily life, which are not gravitational force, are electric power. | Another, very intense attraction - acts between the particles present in the nucleus of the atom (protons and neutrons), which acts as a force that connects these squads with each other. This is called 'nuclear force'. This force does not depend on the charge or discharge of the particles, nor does it have any relation with the rule of Kulam. But this does not mean that the thermal power replication does not exist between protons (within the nucleus). Power replication force is present (though it is atomic attraction - very small in front of force) and plays an important role within the nucleus. If this force is not there then the heavy nucleus is not radioactive and heavy elements (which are temporary) before uranium is permanent.
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