Noise pollution

Noise pollution

When the sound exceeds one limit, then it is human and Other organisms become fatal for animals, then they is called noise pollution.
The intensity of the sound is measured in decibels or bells. For a normal person, hearing sound of 50 decidability intensities are appropriate and normal. From 80 decibels The sound of more intensity is called noise.

Noise pollution

Cause of noise pollution

The causes of noise pollution can be divided into two parts.

Natural reason

It includes cloudbursts, lightning, the sound of an earthquake, rapidly falling water, stormy winds, etc. But they are transient and their effects are limited and transient.

Human reason

Humans can produce sound pollution in the following ways.
By industrial units
Many large factories have loud sound of machines, so that the closest person can not talk and small factories; For example, carving, making the pages of metals, etc. consistently have the same type of voice, which causes sound pollution.
By means of commute
The number of vehicles in urban areas and their main markets and passing through human beings leads to noise pollution.

 is. Having rail tracks to be near colonies, thereby making noise pollution by the engine of the train at night.
Big buildings, roads, fly over
At the time of their construction - nowadays, the construction work of residential complexes, huge buildings, etc. in place and place in each and every city, runs for several months - due to which the sound of machines and laborers working together, Sound pollution in that area On the flyover construction and after construction, the the traffic of vehicles produces noise pollution.
Social activities and recreational means
To organize large events in the open ground, in social-religious programs such as puja, religious awareness, marriage and so on etc., loud sound is produced by making large speakers, so far there is sound pollution.

Effects of noise pollution

1. It creates symptoms of irritability, headache, fatigue, and affects the functioning and concentration of the person.
2. In the industries where the machines are high noise, the health, and health of the working people. Auditory power is adversely affected. Deafness begins in it.
3. Acute sound has adverse effects on heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension.

Noise pollution control

The most important measure of sound pollution control is to control its sources. Apart from this, reducing their harmful effects by some precautions and restraint.

1. In the industry of more sound, employees and laborers of the workers can be prevented by the effect of pollution on health by using Karnal and Karnamf.
2. Glass windows, doors installed in buildings constructed on main roads.
3. Keep small factories in the industries far away from the residential settlements.
4. By following the rules of traffic.
5. Reduce the noise by proper maintenance of the macho in the industries.
6. The limit of maximum noise should be set on bus stands, airports, etc.
7. It will be good if people do not do loudspeakers while doing party narrative reading awakening in homes because people suffer due to being in the name of religion, people also hesitate to object
8. Marriage is a personal task. Think of it as justified to drum like tribals.
9. Green plants, which are planted in high and polluted areas, are known as green mufflers. They have the ability to absorb the sound waves

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