Nuclear pollution Types of nuclear pollution and it's control

Nuclear pollution

The radiation from the diodeactive substance is called 'radioactive pollution'. Dioactive substances automatically emit radiation; Such as uranium, thorium, plutonium etc.

Nuclear pollution

Types of nuclear pollution

Radioactive pollution is of two types.

1. Human-Generated

This pollution is mainly caused by the explosion of leakage, plutonium and thorium purification from nuclear reactors, nuclear experiments, molecular energy equipment, pharmacology, exploration of radioactive materials, and atomic bombs. Apart from these, radioactive isotopes are manufactured in cobalt-60, stratium-90, carbon-14, cesium-137 and tritium.

2 . Nature born

Due to the sun's rays and radioactive substances hidden in the womb of the Earth; Eg - Radium-224, Uranium-238, Potassium-4U, which is polluted due to nature's population. Pollution occurs. Due to its low intensity it does not cause any significant damage to life

Effects of nuclear pollution

Due to solid radioactive pollution, hazardous diseases in humans become bone cancer, blood cancers and bone TB etc. Due to radioactive pollution, the harmful mutation occurs in the genes and chromosomes. Children die in the uterus. The effects of radioactive pollution are gradually seen in many years as paralysis, depletion, deafness etc. 

In 1945, the city of Hiroshima in Japan (August 6) and Nagasaki (August 9), the United States destroyed the two cities by blasting a nuclear bomb. Here people died due to radioactive pollution and the chief died. Presently about 67 years later, children can be seen as being crippled and urban. It is noteworthy that the effect of radioactive radiation on thousands of years is due to the fact Stays till . 
It is also worth noting that al-radioactive pollution is the most fatal in all pollutants. Thousands of people were killed on April 26, 1986 in Charnobil of Soviet Russia and September 30, 1999 in Tokyo, Japan and in Japan's nuclear reactors Pla (March 2011) Fukuyama.

Measures of nuclear pollution control

1. Production and use of nuclear weapons should be prohibited.
2. Rational and waste disposal of the radiacic waste.
3. Equipment for human experimentation should be freed from radioactivity
4. Avoid UV radiations by wearing glasses.
5. Where these nuclei are used, the work should end soon. Which reduces more person and time, from which per person emergence. (Exposure) is minimal.

6. As far as possible, radioactive substances should not be immersed in sea, river, water etc.
7. Restrictions from reactors, restriction on radioactive fuel and use of transport and use of isotope should be banned.
8. The establishment of a nuclear reactor should be far away from the human population.
9. The rules regarding safety should be strictly followed.
10. Diacococus is defeated by radiodurens as the world's strongest bacterium, on which there is no effect of nuclear explosion. Its Fierce: Pollution can be found by dismantling parakee compounds and other pollutants