Pollution and type of pollution


Environmental pollution refers to the degradation of environmental quality at the local level by the actions of humans. The environmental environment at local, regional, and world levels by human works and natural processes. Degradation occurs. Industrial development, urbanization, nuclear energy, etc. The level is elevated but its deadly consequences Consequently, environmental balance has stagnated.

Pollution and type of pollution

Types of pollution

Humans have polluted the environment directly or indirectly by spreading many destructive elements. Environmental pollution can be divided as follows.
1. Sound Pollution
2. Water Pollution
3. Soil Pollution
4. Nuclear pollution
5. Thermal Pollution
6. Air Pollution
7. Urban pollution

1.  Noise pollution

When the sound exceeds one limit, then it is human and Other organisms become fatal for animals, then they are called noise pollution. The intensity of the sound is measured in decibels or bell. For a normal person, hearing sound of 50 decibility intensities is appropriate and normal. From 80 decibels The sound of more intensity, is called noise.
Due to noise pollution
The causes of noise pollution can be divided into two parts.
Natural causes
Human reason

2. Water Pollution

Water pollution is only to meet any kind of undesirable gaseous, liquid or solid substances in water.
Due to water pollution
Water pollution is caused by two reasons.
Natural 2. Anthropogenic Natural Factors

3. Soil Pollution

When the top layer of land is depleted due to human or nature in the quality of the soil, then it is called soil pollution.

4. Nuclear pollution

The radiation from the diodeactive substance is called 'radioactive pollution'. Dioactive substances automatically emit radiation; Such as uranium, thorium, plutonium etc.

5. Thermal pollution

Unwanted increase in temperature of atmospheric factors is called thermal pollution.
Thermal pollution can be divided into two parts. 1. Water Thermal Pollution 2. Atmospheric thermal pollution

6. air pollution

Uninterrupted elements of which air is polluted. They are called air pollutants and pollutants generated by them are called air pollution.

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