Soil Pollution

Soil Pollution

When the top a layer of land is depleted due to human or nature in the quality of the soil, then it is called soil pollution.

Due to soil pollution

Soil pollution can be the following.
1. Soil erosion
2. The decrease in micro-organisms living in the soil.
3. High volatility in temperature.
4. By mining industries
5. In the process of urbanization and road construction.
6. Wastes derived from industries, which are shed on the ground; Such as metals, acids, alkalis, dyes, metal-oxides, insecticides, etc.
7. In western Rajasthan and many other parts of the country, underground water is saline. In which the upper soil becomes insipid due to irrigation.
8. The use of insecticides, herbs, and pesticides in agriculture increases soil toxicity.
9. Soil is polluted by getting rid of waste and waste products in the soil.

Soil Pollution

Effects of Soil Pollution

1. With soil erosion, the land turns into a wasteland.
2. Pesticides, fungicides, fumigants, such as - BEHC, DDT, in the food chain of the Alti man, crops, vegetables, milk eggs, etc. come in the food they create many deadly diseases.
3. Some chemicals are never decomposed in the mud and make permanent maladies in them.
4. The sulfur compounds act with water and make the acid and the soil excessive. This acidity makes acidic trees - damages the plants.
5. Urban waste has inexpensive waste and excessive plastic, which never ends.

 Measures for soil pollution control

1. Extra-more trees should be protected from erosion by planting more trees.
2. Organic manure in the form of compost; For example, chemical fertilization should be used in dung, leaf manure, and low quantity.
3. Industrial effluents are prohibited without shedding the soil without proper treatment and filtering lethal chemicals.
4. Disposal of national urban wastewater used in power generation and manure production etc., disposed of waste.
5. The use of at least pesticides should be used for agricultural production.
6. India has set up the National Land Use and Protection Board in this direction. Coordination policy for the health and scientific management of the land resources of the country works at the national level in the form of planning and monitoring.

The program for the revival of alkaline soil was done in the seventh plan, in which about 7 a million hectares of land in the country is about 3 68 million hectares are suffering from alkalinity. Thus, the alkaline land is located in 11 states.

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