Thermal pollution & its effect

Thermal pollution

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Unwanted increase in temperature of atmospheric factors is called thermal pollution.

Thermal pollution can be divided into two parts. 
1. Water Thermal Pollution 
2. Atmospheric thermal

Thermal pollution

Due to water thermal pollution

1. Immersion of hot industrial effluents into the water by the industries.
2. Absorption of heat in excess of the substances present on the surface of polluted water.

Due to atmospheric thermal pollution

1. With the increase in the number of vehicles globally
2. Excess of various gases present in the smoke coming from the industries; . Such as greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, methane, chlorofluorocarbons, nitro-us oxide etc.
3. Chlorofluorocarbon emitted from refrigeration equipment, aircraft etc.
4. By the vapor of carbon tetra chloride, methyl chloroform etc. omitted from industries based on solvents

Effects of thermal pollution

1. Due to the loss of ozone layer, it increases the incidence of skin cancer from ultraviolet radiation.
2. Global warming.
3. Melting of snow of polar regions by increasing the sea level.
4. Changes in water cycle deteriorate somewhere, then somewhere flood.
5. In the last 140 years 2001 was the warmest year. 6. According to a study conducted by the Center for Atmospheric Sciences (CAS) of the United Nations Environment Program, the risk of thermal pollution will be higher on India's tropical country. )