CCC Online test , speed test

CCC Online test , speed test 

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ccc online free speed test, online ccc test

ccc free online speed test some Question and answer

1. What is called moving text from one place to another within a document in word processing ? 

2. What is ms excel ?

3. How data is organized in spreadsheet ?

4. Excel workbook collection ?

5. When creating a word processed document, the form changes the words appearing on the page in both ?

6. What is a text based document preparation software called ?

7. Which program is used to correct spelling in MS Word ?

8. In a spreadsheet program. . . . . . . . . Relationships are worksheets and documents ?

9. Which command do you use on the File menu to create a document ?

10. Using which you can start MS - Word ?

11. What are file extensions used for ?

12. What is the default file extension of all word documents ?

13. Text in a column is often . . . . Align ?

14. Which option can be used to create charts in axle ?

15. In which mode will the default document print ?

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