Computer Quiz for CCC online speed test

Computer Quiz for CCC online speed test

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Computer Quiz for CCC online speed test some question

Question 1 The name the user gives to the document is called ?
    Answer ⟶  file name

Question 2 Which menu is selected for cut copy and paste ?
    Answer ⟶  Edit

Question 3 What is called to divide logical memory into blocks of the same size? ?
    Answer ⟶  page

Question 4 Which one software application would be best suited for performing numerical and statistical calculations ?
    Answer ⟶  Speadsheet

Question 5 Which of the following data is the ascending order of hierarchy ?
    Answer ⟶  Bit Byte - Field Record - File - Database

Question 6 Who displays the contents of the active cell in Excel ?
    Answer ⟶  Formula bar

Question 7 To save an existing file with a new name or to a new location    You should use the command ?
    Answer ⟶  Save as

Question 8 Which of the following can be used to select the entire document ?
    Answer ⟶  CTRL+A

Question 9 Each cell in the Microsoft Office Excel document is referred to by its cell address, which is… ?
    Answer ⟶  Cell row and column label

Question 10 What is in cell address in microsoft office excel document ?
    Answer ⟶  First column then row name

Question 11 With which command can we save a document ?
    Answer ⟶  CTRL+S

Question 12 . Which of the following packages is found more in the form of database on Windows based personal computers ?
    Answer ⟶  MS EXCEL

Question 13 What is the list of data files of a database called? ?

Question 14 Intersecting is the letter and number of columns and rows. ?
    Answer ⟶  Cell coordinates

Question 15 What are those forms that are used to organize business data in everyday and colon ?
    Answer ⟶  Spreadsheets

Question 16 The PC productivity tool is called ........ which manipulates the data organized in rows and columns ?
    Answer ⟶  Spreadsheets

Question 17 The various components on the motherboard of a PC unit are interconnected by sets of parallel electrical cakia lines. What are these lines called ?
    Answer ⟶  BASES

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