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Jet stream theory of the origin of monsoon

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Jet stream theory of origin of monsoon

Jet stream theory 

 This theory is formulated by Yes. The jet stream is a very fast airflow system between the upper atmosphere (9 - 18 km). Its speed in the central part is maximum (340 km / h). These winds act as a cover over the earth which affects the weather of the lower atmosphere.

Waidab - 200 mBar, southwest monsoon origin by summer western jets the warm eastern jet stream: - Western jet stream does not flow over the Indian subcontinent in summer. It moves north from the Tibet Plateau. At present, a warm Eastern jet stream runs in the upper atmosphere of India. The origin of the warm eastern jet stream is attributed to the extreme warming of the plateau parts of Central Asia and Tibet.

Type of Jet stream 

There are four types of jet streams depending on the location
  1. Polar air jet stream
  2. The subtropical westerly jet stream
  3. Tropical Eastern Jet Stream
  4. Polar zodiac stream

1. The polar atmospheric jet stream is formed above the confluence zone (latitude 40 - 60 ° latitude) of the ground polar cold atmospheres and warm atmospheres. Thermal Gradient is higher due to two opposite air quantities. They flow from west to east but are more irregular.

 2 . The position of the subtropical eastward jet stream occurs in the upper troposphere (north of the polar boundary of the Hedley cell) in the upper troposphere, ie above 30–35 ° latitudes, in the north of the subsurface subtropical high yaw pressure belt. It flows in the west to east direction and is more regular than the polar air jet stream.

 3. The emergence of a tropical eastern jet stream in the troposphere over the eastern trading winds of India and Africa. Up is summer. It is related to the Heating of the Tibetan plateau and in the Indian mind. Is of considerable importance.

4. The polar zodiac jet stream is also called the stratospheric subipolar jet stream. It is constructed 30 km from the ocean floor. Atop the cold pole in the Stratosphere. Cold due to Steep Thermal Gradient. In the period of time, the dominant west jet stream is transmitted at this time. During summer, its velocity decreases and towards Dipa.

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