Indian Desert and Indian desert aria

Indian Desert

Indian desert, type of Indian dessert, an area of Indian dessert, Indian desert aria,

Indian Desert and Indian desert aria

Indian desert aria's 

 The coastal plains have developed on the eastern and western sides of the south plateau. In the west, this field is narrow and truncated. While the former is wide and flat. The Rann of Kutch is made up of upliftment of marine deposits. In the western part of Rajasthan is a large dry region, called the huge Indian. Desert or Rajasthan Desert or the Thar Desert. goes. Approximately 1, 75, 000 sq km. Spread over the area and average 300 km. The width of this area is about 640 km. Extends to.

1. Thar desert is situated on the northern-western edge of the Aravalli hills. It is a ripple ground covered with sand dunes.
2. Annual rainfall here is 15 cm. It is a dry and vegetative area. Rain. Some seasons arise here which do not reach the beach because they lack sufficient water and after the rainy period these rivers/rivers merge.

3. Luni River (495 km) is the largest river in the region. It is the longest river of inland flow in India. This river originates from the hills of Aravali, southwest of Ajmer. It flows into the semi-arid desert region and disappears in the marshy area of ​​the Rann of Kutch. Sarasota, Bundi, Sukri, and Jawai are its tributaries.

This area was part of the sea during the Mesozoic period. The major topography here is found in the form of translucent sand dunes, crater rock, and Malaudyan (in the southern part). Barkhan (semicircular sand dune) has expanded over a large area. But vertical mounds are prominently found near the India-Pakistan border. Barkhan clusters are seen in Jaisalmer (Rajasthan).

Based on the slope, this desert can be divided into two parts - the northern part of the slope towards Sindh and the southern part towards Kutch Kera.

This is an example of inland runoff, where rivers merge into the Zhi or Playa. The water of these Playa (lakes) is saline, from which salt is made.
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