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Online free Speed test of general knowledge 

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Speed test of general knowledge Quiz questions and answers

1. With which device do we find the relative density of liquids? ?
    Answer ⟶  Hydrometer

2. Which device is used to calculate sound waves under water ?
    Answer ⟶  Hydrophone

3. With its help, the atmosphere is measured inside the atmosphere?
    Answer ⟶  Hygrometer

4. It is used to measure the diameter of fine wires. ?
    Answer ⟶  Scugage

5. Pictures obtained by television are viewed on top of this device ?
    Answer ⟶  Kiloscope

6. By this, the line-shape looks different. ?
    Answer ⟶  Kaleidoscope

7. This device is mounted on high rise buildings above high buildings, so that electricity is not affected and the buildings are protected. ?
    Answer ⟶  Lighting Conductor

8. Is the device by which sound is carried away ?
    Answer ⟶  Megaphone

9. Whose help is used to find the pressure of gas ?
    Answer ⟶  Manometer

10. What is the scale that can be used to find the thousandth of a mm ?
    Answer ⟶  Micrometer

11. It magnifies small objects and enlarges them, so with which device can you see objects that cannot be seen with eyes? ?
    Answer ⟶  The microscope

12. It is used to cut an object into very small pieces, which have to be studied carefully. ?
    Answer ⟶  Microtome

13. Which machine comes to measure the distance traveled by a wheel car ?
    Answer ⟶  . Odometer

14. A device for drawing graphs of electrical and mechanical vibrations is ?
    Answer ⟶  Oscillograph

15. panadubbiyon mein upayog hone vaala aisa upakaran , jisakee sahaayata se paanee mein doobe hue ko paanee ke oopar ka drshy dikhaee pad sakata hai ?
    Answer ⟶  Periscope

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