Physics, online free mock test of science

Physics, online free mock test of  science

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Some physics free  mock test question answer

1. Which one of the following is not correctly matched ?

2. Whose unit is lumen ?

3. What is the unit of physical quantity 'excess ?

4. Pascal is the unit which ?

5. Candela is the unit ?

6. Joule is the unit of ?

7. When was the international system of units implemented ?

8. What is the measurement unit of Hz ?

9. The unit of power is ?

10. What is the unit of power of the lens in SI method ?

11. Desibil is used to measure ?

12. What is the unit of measurement, Ampere ?

13. Which of the following pairs does not have dimensional form similar to physical quantities ?

14. An astronomical unit belongs to ?

15. Which of the following is indivisible amount ?

16. A girl is swinging in a swinging position, when the girl is standing, there is a periodic oscillation of the oscillations ?

17. Suddenly a boy sits on a round table while calculating, what will be the effect on the angular velocity of the table ?

18. If the velocity of a moving object is doubled, its ?

19. There is a difference in mass and weight of a body, because ?

20. The position and direction of any stationary or moving object does not change as long as there is an external force on it, it is ?

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