Physics online free speed test

Physics online free speed test

Physics online free speed test ,some impotent question for  ssc bank rrb. Some tricky physics question for online sped test, physics, physics question answer

    Some important question for online speed test

1. By which device the electrical energy is collected, this power can be used when needed. ?
    Answer ⟶  Accumulator

2. Which device is used to determine the weight and density of air and gas? ?
    Answer ⟶  Aerometer

3.Which is used to measure the height of a flying aircraft ?
    Answer ⟶  Altimeter

4. Which instrument is used to measure electrical current ?
    Answer ⟶  Ammeter

5. Which device measures wind power and speed ?
    Answer ⟶  Anemometer

6. Which instrument is used to measure the intensity of sound ?
    Answer ⟶  Audiometer :

7. What people use to apply ear to aid hearing ?
    Answer ⟶  Audiophone

8. Which is used to measure micro current ?
    Answer ⟶  Ballistic Galvanometer

9. By which the change in the pressure of the atmosphere is measured ?
    Answer ⟶  Barograph

10. Which device is used to measure air pressure ?
    Answer ⟶  Barometer :

11. Which tool is used to look for distant objects ?
    Answer ⟶  . Binocular

12. By which the inside and outside diameters of cylindrical objects are measured and through this the thickness of the object is also measured. ?
    Answer ⟶  Calipers

13. Which device is made of copper and is used to find the amount of heat ?
    Answer ⟶  Calorimeter

14. Which tool to use is the end of the combustion petrol ijna mahata. This yatra is made of petrol and air. ?
    Answer ⟶  Carburettor

15. By which heart rate is checked. It is also called electro cardiogram.
    Answer ⟶  . Cardiogram

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