Science ( Physics ) online free speed test

Science ( Physics ) online free speed test 

General science ( Physics ) Some important Question answer ,Government job for online free speed test. speed test of Question answer, G.K quiz for online speed test

  • general science  online speed test

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    1. Which device is mounted on the ships. Which determines the correct time ?
      Answer ⟶  Chronometer

    2. Which is used for projection in continuous order on the screen by enlarging the small film. ?
      Answer ⟶  Cinematograph

    3. With which device is the north-south direction determined? ?
      Answer ⟶  Compass Box

    4. It is a type of mathematical mechanical system. It is used to solve mathematical problems and calculations. ?
      Answer ⟶  Computer

    5. Which device is used to accelerate particles like nucleus, proton electron, etc. ?
      Answer ⟶  Cyclotron

    6. What is used to determine density ?
      Answer ⟶  Densitymeter :

    7. It is used to record its speech and order to be heard by the other person. It is often used in the office ?
      Answer ⟶  Dictaphone

    8. What do you use to find the salute angle of a place ?
      Answer ⟶  Goniometer

    9. How to measure the power generated by an engine ?
      Answer ⟶  Dynamometer

    10. Which tool is used to project images onto the screen ?
      Answer ⟶  . Epidiascope :

    11. Which tool is used to measure the depth of the sea ?
      Answer ⟶  . Fathometer

    12. Which device is used to determine the direction and quantity of electric current in small electrical circuits ?
      Answer ⟶  Galvanometer

    13. What is the radiation of a radio active source? ?
      Answer ⟶  Geiger - Muller Counter

    14. By whom is the presence of oil on the surface of water known? ?
      Answer ⟶  Gravimeter

    15. How do you find the speed of moving objects ?
      Answer ⟶  . Gyroscope

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