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Simple interest calculation short trick

Simple interest

The basic concept of interest is based on the excess amount borrowed by the borrower in relation to the borrowed amount, in addition to the amount and amount of principal and interest paid on the amount paid to the principal in the fixed period of time. The amount made is known as compound. Interest on milling is calculated as simple and compound interest, and for a year, both the interest rate and compound interest are equal when the rate of interest is yearly.

Simple interest

When calculating interest only for the time being, the principal is called simple interest.

Finding the Principle on the Rate of Seduction Interest

When the rate of simple interest is different for different years, in such a situation, certain calculations are needed to calculate the principal. Using these sources, saving time in the examination building, along with the Accuracy also It comes

1 -  If the rate of ordinary interest goes from 1% to 2% and in time t is more than m

Principal amount   = 

2 -  If the interest rate r1% for time t1 on any money, then rate r2% for time t2

Simple interest =              

Finding simple interest on N times of principal

When a wealth gets N times of N times or N times of interest in time, then they experience some difficulty in finding the rate of simple interest because they are N times of themselves and due to the N times of interest, I do not care about it, so its concept is understood as follows

1- If any funding at the rate of simple interest becomes n times in T
      rate of interest         =             

2- If any money at the rate of simple interest becomes n times of interest in time
 rate of interest        =               

Math Simplification root number Short

Today, we will solve some of the important questions of the process through simplification. The questions of the tax (+ and -) happen when the questions in the questions range from 1 to the end, then the use of the formulas of the tax to solve the problems of the tax. Will solve all the questions while doing

 The function ( additional and subtract )

After writing the question first, the value of the value is equal to x, and then we divide both sides. After class, remove the value of x, the value of x is the value of the value of the infinity, thus the queue starts solving

Consider the equality of the whole work of both sides, which holds the value of the value of the value of the value of x which becomes a new question of our linear equation, and according to the linear equation it is possible to find the value of the law by extracting the value of x Is there.

Do today's first question

     ,     On the square of both sides

If our question is in (+ and -), then we put it according to linear equation, if it is in multiplication, then solve it with another formula as follows

Multiplication '' with root number''

If our work is to a certain number in addition to the number of folds, then first write that number, and write the 2 - 1 of the power above that number and the number of times the number of the curve takes up the number of the ferries Then solved by solving

The work which is multiplied with infinity

The work is in our infinite, then whatever is given in the number in the act, that is the value of that act

its Answer is   5

Simplification short trick

Today's  is the  of competition, according to the era of today, all young people prepare for government jobs because of the high competition in government job today we have to adopt the shortcut method so that we can pass any exam easily. | For which we adopt a lot of methods, one of which we are going to tell today

Number system simplification In this we will show the easiest way to add mixed fractions and add numbers (5 ̅) times on the point

To add numbers we first suppose the number of friends

1 as often after doing common
The number is taken in the common number of times as    many times as we multiply by the number of times we do
2 If we have a number of times after that, we all add up
3 If everyone is equal then everybody a number of
4 Add  degrees

Remove the simplest value of numbers again
And that's our right answer


When we combine the number of times (5 ̅), we see how many times the number of times the times are written

  After always writing out the 9 in the sentence, let's see if everybody is equal, then by adding one digit to each point in a normal manner, and adding the simplest thing is to add
  That is our answer

Fine unit number // इकाई का अंक ज्ञात करना

To know the unit's points, the first ones were given the equation, and then after inspecting, start sorting, to find the number of the unit, the number of mathematics is taken from the system.

Finding unit number in normal product

In order to know the unit number in the normal product, solve the process given below.
Unit of each term in the number take the number
If you get ten points in the product again, leaving it, then issue the number of the unit and multiply it further.
for example

for example

  Unit number

96 Unit number is 6

Finding unit number in exponential number

If the number of unit number 0 ,1 is 5 ,6

If the unit's number is 0,1, 5, 6, then its unit's number is the same
for example

 unit number is 0

If the unit number is 3

If the number of the unit is 3, then according to the solution

 Answer is , 9

If the unit number is 9

If the unit has a score of 9, then if the power is equal to the unit's numeral 1 and 9 if it is odd
for example

The number of the unit is 214 as the odd number so the unit's number is 9

If the unit number is 7

If the number of the unit is 3,  then according to the solution